Michael R. Pelissier

Michael R. Pelissier

Founder / CEO


Michael Pelissier is a California native and has lived in Southern California since 1962 where he resides to date. In earlier years Michael enjoyed high school excelling and lettering in football, wrestling and track. Michael was inducted into the Armed Forces his Freshman year of college. After five years of service with the U.S. Navy, as a United State Navy Diver (spending eighteen months of service in Vietnam), Michael was honorably discharged and entered a career in Sales.

Michael soon became a “Top Performer” with every company he worked for. While working for the Treasury Department store, a wholly owned division of J.C. Penney Co., Michael won Salesman of the Year where he then realized he had a knack for sales. In 1979, Michael left the Treasury Department and joined Efcom, Inc., an underwater communications company, where Michael developed and ran Efcom’s sales department.In 1984, Michael left Efcom to venture on his own endeavor. Michael, along with business partner Jerry Peck, formed Ocean Technology Systems (OTS) and the rest is history

A major achievement for Michael was his involvement in the filming of a 1991  T.V. show called, “Expedition Earth, Cocos Island.” Alongside notable names such as Peter Benchly (the author of JAWS) and Stan Waterman, Michael’s involvement in capturing underwater communications for the segment won him and Ocean Technology Systems a National Emmy Award under the category Technical Achievement. This became the start of Hollywood’s quest for producing film and television in a way they’ve never done before.

Presently Michael is semi-retired but still continues to serve as a critical member to the OTS team often consulting as a historian for the business and actively involved in product design and development.

Michael enjoys spending time with his family (especially his grandson) as well as recreational activities including: competitive shooting, fishing, hunting, boating, SCUBA diving, traveling and video editing.

Michael feels strongly that underwater communications are an important part of any serious diver’s equipment and can greatly enhance the joy of diving. “Why wait to share the excitement of diving? Communicate while the excitement is happening!”