OTS Technician Courses

OTS offers online and in-person technician courses to help you learn how to properly service our equipment. Courses include servicing instructions on: breaking down the Full Face Mask, breaking down the 2nd Stage Regulator, reinstalling components of the Full Face Mask, reinstalling the components of the 2nd Stage Regulator and proper adjustments of the 2nd Stage Regulator.  Guardian Technician certification is good for three years.  In person and online classes are available for the Guardian.  

Recertification requires taking the class again and can be done online.   

How do to sign up for a course?

For the class you’re interested in attending, open the blue tab below and you’ll find the registration form link under the photograph.  Download the .pdf and complete the form.  Email the completed form to our training coordinator, Amie:  amie@otscomm.com.  For an in-person class, select a class from the list at the bottom of this page and enter that at the top of the registration.  For an online course, just state “OLC”.  For the supplemental Zoom class, follow the instructions listed below under “Guardian Zoom Class”.  

If you have any questions feel free to contact John Hott at jhott@otscomm.com, or call/text to: 714-330-4221, or Amie at amie@otscomm.com, or call 714-754-7848 ext 116.

Interested in hosting a class?

If you and your agency are interested in hosting a class, contact John Hott at jhott@otscomm.com, or call/text to: 714-330-4221, or Amie at amie@otscomm.com, or call 714-754-7848 ext 116.   We obviously have limitations on dates and locations, but you won’t know if you don’t ask, every class starts with a call.  If you’re in an area of high demand and we’ve not been in the region, a class could possibly be organized.  We have a minimum requirement of 15-20 paid students, depending on the location.  All of the instructor’s travel is covered by the tuition, there are no other expenses that are required to be covered by a sponsoring agency such as airfare, rental car or per diem.  Agencies that request a private class will be required to meet the minimum student cost.  International classes are scheduled and organized on an individual basis.  Additional charges or minimums may be required due to increased travel expenses.  

Requirements for classroom

Classrooms need to provide ample room for the required number of students to have a comfortable tabletop workspace. Setup in a classroom style with a workspace at the front for the instructor.  A powerpoint projector and screen or large screen monitor is needed with sufficient visibility for the students to see detailed video demonstrations.  OTS can provide a powerpoint projector, if required and notified.  Other details can be discussed with the instructor.   

OTS Guardian 

You will need an OTS Guardian Tool Kit to be able to work on the mask and second stage regulator. The kit contents are listed in the course descriptions on their respective pages (See blue tabs below).  If you are recertifying or have access to a kit, there’s no need to purchase one with each class, unless you want to, we’re more than happy to sell all you’d like to purchase.  Replacement tools are available individually.  

Online Course and what you need to be a Guardian Technician

The Guardian online course consists of access to basically the power point program used during the in-person class augmented with a few quizzes. There are a few things you’ll need to effectively take the class in addition to the Guardian Technician Tool Kit, and be set to work on the masks and regulators. If you work for a dive shop or service center, you’ll most likely have access to test equipment. This is necessary to effectively adjust the second stage regulator and verify the performance.  Basic equipment is a magnehelic and an IP gauge.   There are several examples of these gauges, one recommended set is available from ScubaTools.com, however there are several other sources that have similar instruments that can be used. 


Additionally, a couple of tools that can make your job easier is ScubaTools inline adjustment tool (when ordering from ScubaTools, specify for the OTS Guardian) and an Omni-swivel Shut Off Valve (SOV-2). The inline adjustment tool will allow you to adjust the orifice without the need to remove the regulator from the low pressure hose and the SOV-2 will allow you to turn off the air pressure while making this adjustment.  The SOV-2 is available from OTS or from ScubaTools.  



ScubaTools also makes a snap ring installation tool as well.  This makes installation of the snap ring for the QD assembly on the mask a snap! (Sorry, couldn’t resist that)


For convenience and simplicity, ScubaTools has assembled these items in a kit:


To take to online course, open and complete the registration form as explained below.  Once the business side is completed and you have received the course kit/material, you will receive an email with a link to login to the online course.  When you complete the course you will receive your certification and will be granted access the “Guardian FFM Tech Parts” under the Store pop-down.  Make sure you register as a user here on our website.  If you’re not registered, select login in the upper lefthand corner of this page and you’ll see “New User Registration”.

Guardian Zoom Classes

Occasionally we will conduct Zoom Classes for the Guardian.  This is not a stand alone class, you will still need to take the online course.  The Zoom Class is supplemental to the online course and is an opportunity to interact with the instructor, ask questions and observe in detail the disassembly, reassembly, troubleshooting and testing of the mask and second stage regulator.  There is no charge to attend the Zoom class.  It can be attended as a review or in conjunction with taking the online course.  Only current certified technicians or those taking the online class may attend.  

Classes are listed on the class schedule below.  To attend a class, find the one on the schedule you would like to attend and send an email to amie@otscomm.com  with the following information:

In the subject line state “Zoom Class” and list the date from the schedule below.  
Shop or agency:
Certified: Y/N Date of cert:
Email address to be used for Zoom notification:
New Certification or re-certification registration attached? Y/N
Prior to the class, you will be emailed the Zoom invitation.  If you don’t receive the invitation by one hour prior to the class, contact us and let us know.

If you have any questions about what you need to take the course and service the masks/regulators, feel free to contact John Hott at jhott@otscomm.com, or call/text to: 714-330-4221.  

OTS Guardian Technician Group on Facebook

If you have a Facebook page and you’re a Guardian Technician, you’re welcome to join our group.  Not trolling for friends here, but you have to be on John’s friends list for an invitation to be sent.  John can be found at:   https://www.facebook.com/johnphott/  To request an invitation, don’t forget to send a note introducing yourself and mention that you’d like to join the group.  On the group you’ll find the latest manuals, a maintenance check list and other useful documents as well as training videos and educational posts.  It’s also a forum where you can draw from the experience of hundreds of experienced technicians. 

I’m attending a course, what do I need to bring?

Guardian Class: 

With each class, you’ll be sent a class kit.  The Guardian has a tool kit in a double zippered bag with specialized tools for the mask and regulator, the Technician’s Manual and a workbench mat with exploded view.  You will need to bring it along with a Guardian mask and second stage regulator to work on in the class.  Bringing the workbench mat is optional.  If you’re using an older tool kit (pre-April 2024), you’ll need a 1/4 inch drive adapter for the Inner Clamp Ring Socket to the Screw Driver.  You may already have one in your toolbox, if not, they’re available at most hardware stores or on Amazon.  As an option to the adapter, you can bring a 6″ ratchet wrench with a 3 inch 1/4″ extension, but the adapter seems to work better and limits any over torquing you may get with the extra leverage of the wrench.  It’s also a good idea to bring a 6″ adjustable wrench.  Don’t forget an ink pen.  

UPDATE:  A 1/4 inch drive adapter is included with the tool kit now,  If you’re getting a new kit (post April 2024), no need to acquire one.  


Access to Technician Parts and Kits

We only sell service parts and kits to certified and current Guardian technicians.  An easy way to purchase is to be registered on our website and registered as a Technician once you’re certified.  If you’re not registered, go to the upper left corner of our page here, click “Login”, you’ll see “New User Registration”, follow the link and complete the information.  Don’t worry, we don’t sell your information and won’t spam you.  You might get an occasional News Letter from us.  After filling out your information, check the appropriate box below “Check All User Permissions That Apply”, once you check the box, you’ll be prompted to enter your Tech Card Expiration Date.  Use the date on your certificate or the date of the class plus three years.  Your request will go into a “Pending Registrations” folder on the Admin side of our website, so expect a business day or two for the approval notification.  Once you’re registered as a Tech, go to “Store” at the top of our webpage and you will see the “Guardian FFM Tech Parts” link for access to the shopping carts for the various parts, kits and components.  There will also be additional Technician information and resources listed with some of the shopping cart pages.  When your certification expires, you’ll lose access to the shopping cart area of the website.  


You’ll need to recertify as your certifications expire.  For the Guardian, it’s just a matter of taking the online course or you may take the in-person class as an option, costs are the same.  When you recertify, notify the Training Coordinator and access to the Mask’s shopping cart will be re-instated.  

Guardian Full Face Mask

Technical/Maintenance Course

Cost: $150 per Student Pre-Registered + $150 per technician tool kit

Guardian class description

To register for the Guardian Full Face Mask Technician Course – please download the fillable .PDF document below and send to Amie at: amie@otscomm.com

If taking the online course, please complete the registration form, list location as “OLC” or Online Course and send to Amie 

Click here to access the class registration form

Guardian Technician Registration Form

Course Info ($150): 

The OTS Guardian full-face mask technical/maintenance course will provide hands on training in the following areas of the Guardian FFM system:

  1. Function of the regulator and mask.
  2. Inspection of the external components.
  3. Breakdown of the second stage regulator.
  4. Breakdown of the mask body.
  5. Parts identification.
  6. Inspection and cleaning of the internal components.
  7. Repair and replacement of parts.
  8. Re-assembly of the second stage regulator.
  9. Re-assembly of the mask body.
  10. Adjusting the second stage regulator.
  11. Testing the regulator with the Magnehelic.
  12. Troubleshooting the regulator.

OTS Tool Kit ($150) includes:

  • Manual
  • 6-in-1 Screwdriver
  • Applicator with Silicone Grease
  • Regulator adjustment tool/gauge
  • Pin wrench
  • Dummy plug
  • OTS mini-wrench
  • Inner clamp ring socket
  • T-handle hex key, 3/32″
  • T-handle hex key, 7/64″
  • 1/4″ drive adapter
  • Snap ring pliers
  • Exploded view Bench Mat
  • GFFM Technician Tee-Shirt (please note size on registration)

Time requirements: Six hours of classroom instruction, excluding breaks and lunch.
Required Items: 

  • Guardian FFM (If student has no access to a mask, please advise. A training mask can be provided at no additional cost.)
  • Your tool kit (listed above)
    • No need to travel with the exploded view bench mat                            

Upon completion of class the student will receive OTS Service Certification – valid for three years.

Upcoming – In Person Courses

In Person OTS Guardian Classes listed below:


Online Guardian FFM Technician’s Course is continuously available – Please contact Amie for more information

OTS Stealth Full Face Mask & SRG-1 Regulator

Technical/Maintenance Course has been discontinued

The Stealth Full Face Mask was discontinued June, 2018.  Parts and service support for the Stealth second stage regulator (SRG-1) ended in June, 2023.  The Online Technician Course is no longer available.    




In-Person Class Dates

For those who like the hands on approach, OTS offers the Guardian Full Face Mask Service Course as an in-person class option during select dates. The certification course is designed to train technicians in the maintenance, servicing, and troubleshooting of the OTS Guardian FFM and the second stage regulator. Students who’ve completed the course are authorized to buy spare parts directly from OTS. As a student you will receive hands-on training in the cleaning, disassembly, inspection, repair/overhaul, reassembly, adjustment, and testing of the respective regulators and masks.

It is recommended that you bring a mask/second stage regulator to work on in the class. Annual maintenance kits, parts, and accessories are available to pre-order for delivery to the class. Attendances in the classes are by pre-paid reservations only. You can sign up and pay for the course using a Visa, Master Card, American Express, or company check. Qualified departments can be invoiced. See below for current available class dates.

For further information or to be added to an interest list contact Amie Litzinger at: amie@otscomm.com



If you are within the US:

Click Here to Register Online

Please contact Amie directly to register, if you are outside of the US.

In Person OTS Guardian Classes listed below:


Online Guardian FFM Technician’s Course is continuously available – Please contact Amie for more information

Points of Contact

John Hott – Training Director 


Cell : (714) 330-4221 

Amie Litzinger – Training Coordinator 


(800) 550-1984 Ext. 116