Wireless Underwater Communications

OTS manufacturers the best quality wireless underwater communications on the market and we’ve been doing so since 1984.  Our state-of-the art technology provides clarity and power that are second to none and are offered in all levels of our products ranging from entry to professional levels. Furthermore we manufacture the only wireless underwater communications approved by the U.S. Military which are used by militaries and professional divers worldwide. Now that we’ve sold you on the coolness factor, let’s take a look at how underwater wireless communications work so you can make an informed decision on what type of underwater communications are right for you!

What Types of Underwater Communication Systems are out there?

To start, there are two choices of underwater communications: hardwired– uses a cable to transfer the communications, and wireless– uses the water to transfer the communications. Many divers prefer the idea of freely diving where they please with the ability to communicate to their dive buddy easily and quickly, this is what we’ve accomplished with wireless underwater communications. As opposed to hardwired communications which confines you to the length of a cable, wireless communications provides you the ability to communicate with your buddy, or top side, with ease and freedom to simply dive.

How do Wireless Underwater Communications Work?

So how does it work? Wireless underwater communications uses water to carry an acoustic signal from one transceiver to another, much like the way dolphins use sonar to communicate -the rest is magic (or, technology). Our products are battery operated, push-to-talk*, and with ranges that can reach up to 10,000 meters! We offer many features such as multiple channels, frequencies, and menus, with options such as volume control to enhance the experience.  Similar to a two way radio, simply push your push-to-talk button, say what you want to say, release the button and communication is underway.

Stay Connected

Wireless underwater communications are a fun and easy way to freely stay connected underwater and ensure you never have to surface saying, “I can’t believe I missed that”. You’ll save time trying to navigate issues underwater by eliminating confusing hand signals, writing on slates, and the old fashioned bang on your tank method to grab your buddy’s attention. To take your diving to the next level and enhance the fun of diving visit our wireless product lines with detailed specifications at our online store! For more information about tips on how to be successful in using underwater communications and to find out what factors can affect wireless underwater communications, visit our Wireless Communications Tips page here.

*some of our wireless communication products have voice operated transmission (VOX) option as well as push-to-talk.

Who Uses Wireless Underwater Communications?

  • Recreational Divers
  • Videographers & Photographers (Film & Television)
  • Underwater Tour guides
  • Instructors
  • Search & Rescue Dive Teams
  • Commercial Divers
  • Military
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Are Wireless Underwater Communications Right For Me?

If you want the freedom of communicating without being tethered to a cable, then wireless underwater communications are just the thing for you. With wireless underwater communications you will have the mobile freedom to swim and explore wherever you want, wireless diver-to-diver, or diver to top-side.

Not sure Wireless Underwater Communication are the right choice?

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