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Spectrum Mask with Buddy Phone Communications Package

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Includes OTS Spectrum Full Face Mask (Any Color Combination) & Buddy Phone® Communications (OTS-BUD-D2)


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warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


Model#: SPT-BUDS-D2
Includes OTS Spectrum Mask Package (Any Color/Configuration Combination) & OTS-BUD-D2

The Buddy Phone® D2 is a digital, micro-miniature, ultrasonic transceiver allowing communication between two or more scuba divers or surface stations. Using “Digital Signal Processing” (DSP) techniques, the Buddy Phone produces uncompromising speech clarity.The Buddy Phone® D2differs from our standard Buddy Phone in that it is digitally controlled and has some fantastic new features such as: a voice menu to guide you adjust your Volume, change from Channel A to Channel B, or put the Buddy Phone in a continuous voice transmission mode.

Voice Menu: When you submerge with a D2 Buddy Phone, you will hear the voice system say “Buddy Phone ON, frequency A (B), channel one (four), volume High (Medium, Low),” depending on the prior dive’s settings. Changing a setting is easy and can be done while underwater. Depress the Push-to-talk switch (PTT) three times quickly and hold the third depression until you hear “main menu – volume, channel, continuous transmit.” When you hear the main menu selections, simply depress the PTT to select one of the choices. The unit will make the selection and go back to the receive mode. If you don’t make a selection after the menu repeats twice, the D2 Buddy Phone goes out of the main selection menu and back to the receive mode (see operators manual for a more detailed explanation — note: continuous transmit mode allows the user to talk, hands free. This was requested by many movie makers and scientists who talk on camera often).

In all, this D2 Buddy Phone is State-of-the-Art and OTS technology at its best.


Nominal Range 50 to 500 meters depending on sea conditions & noise levels.
Transmission Type Ultrasound using upper single sideband (USB)
Transmit Output Power 0.5 watts PEP
Standard Frequency (PEP) Recall & tone: Freq. A (Channel 1): 32.768 kHz USB
Freq. B (Channel 4): 31.250 kHz
Audio Bandwidth 300 to 3,000 Hz
Automatic Gain Control Greater than 80 dB
Earphone Ceramic
Microphone ME-16R Hot-Mic (Dynamic) or Super Mic (Standard)(Ceramic)
Transducer Ceramic cylinder
Battery Type: Alkaline 9V. Batteries not included.
Maximum Operating Depth 130 feet in sea water (fsw)
Weight in Air 8.1 oz


1 review for Spectrum Mask with Buddy Phone Communications Package

  1. Mathew Love

    So my reasoning for getting such an expensive piece of equipment is I’m a father taking his 16 year old son scuba diving in the ocean. We happen to be diving and my tank is getting low. My son is having a blast and is off in the distance chasing some massive sea bass. I am unable to get his attention and he is to far for me to chase down and get his attention to tell him that I’m low on air. I have to decide as a father do I have enough air to chase him down as well as do a safety stop or to leave him so that I have enough air for a safety stop and air to surface safely. Well I knew I didn’t have enough air to chase him down so I didn’t. That was the hardest decision I have ever had to make. Watching my son swim off and I literally had to leave my son down there. As a father you shouldn’t leave your children but I had little to no air. After doing my safety stop and surfacing with only 300psi I waited on the boat hoping to see my son pop up. After what seems like an eternity my son finally surfaced. I went home from that trip and told my wife never again will I feel like that. I started researching communication under water and came across OTS and other FFM communications. Researched all of them but purchased two spectrums because you can still clear your ears normally you can use the regulator that you have already purchased and the ABV is a must have. Now when I’m getting low on air I simply talk to my son as if we were looking at each other on the surface. no more chasing him down and when we see something cool we get to share with each other under water. Now you know why I purchased two of these so that my son and I could communicate while diving together and most of all peace of mind. We are both absolutely happy with them. Some unintended perks we both found switching to this mask. Even if you don’t get the Buddy Phone the mask alone is so much more comfortable then wearing a regular mask. My mask would always make the under side of my nose hurt for days after diving and now that problem is completely fix after switching to the spectrum. Then my son loves the mask because now he doesn’t have jaw fatigue from holding the regulator for the entire dive. Makes a difference when you’re on a liveaboard and doing 5 or more dives a day. These were two extras that we weren’t even trying to fix but completely happy with the outcome. The Buddy Phone takes a minute to get used to but when you get it down it is pretty sweet. If I was to complain at all about this mask or the Buddy Phone there would only be two complaints. First I have a longer face so if they make the mask just a touch longer I wouldn’t need to keep pulling the mask back into place when I clear the water and second the Buddy Phone needs a second head phone or an option to add a second head phone for people that are hard of hearing. I also wish OTS would sell the rechargeable batteries for the Buddy Phone I’m not sure why they don’t. They mention what batteries to use in the owners manual but don’t offer them for purchase. So if you are a parent with kids scuba diving and you don’t want to chase after your child to get their attention the Buddy phone is a life saver literally and figuratively. THANK YOU OTS!

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