Industry Professional Pricing Defined

OTS has defined specific industry people to be considered Industry Professionals and therefor eligible to receive Industry Professional pricing. OTS still must approve the Industry Professional applicant and warrant approval based on expectation that the Industry Professional will actively promote OTS products. It is solely at the discretion of OTS to approve an applicant as an Industry Professional based on:

  • Media
  • Industry: Manufacturers, Dive Store Owners, Instructional Agencies
  • Key Dive Store Employees
  • Active Instructors

    Contact Information

    Industry Professional Category

    MediaPhotographerManufacturerDive Shop OwnerInstructorOther

    Dive Shop Affiliation




    OTS Product Selection

    Our Industry Professional Pricing Program is limited to the following list of items ONLY. Please mark which item you would like to purchase.

    Guardian Full Face MaskGuardian FFM w/ 2 Channel Buddy Phone (1/2 watt)Guardian FFM w/ Ear-Mic Assembly & 4 Channel PowerCom 3000D Wireless Transceiver (25 watts)Spectrum Full Face MaskSpectrum FFM w/ 2 Channel Buddy Phone (1/2 watt)Spectrum FFM w/ Ear-Mic Assembly & PowerCom 3000D Wireless Transceiver (25 watts)Other

    Sorry, we cannot disclose the Industry Professional pricing on this form. All we can say is the price is awesome! Please fill out this form completely and click Submit. We will be in touch with our decision shortly

    Fine Print

    • All sales must be done by Credit Card Only

    • Industry Professionals must be able to provide verification they are active within the industry

    • Only 2 Industry Professional discounts per year for dealers, 1 for Non-Dealers

    • Dealer may not mark up price to make profit.