Use Your Own Regulator. Easy Equalization. Communications Compatibility.

The Spectrum Full Face Mask

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With add on options such as the Ambient Breathing Valve® (ABV) to conserve air at the surface, mounts, brackets for adding cameras or lights, and communications to stay connected, you now have the option to build your mask how you want it or stick with the bare necessities.

Use Your Own Regulator

Don’t be forced to give up your favorite regulator while using a Full Face Mask (FFM). The Spectrum FFM allows you to use virtually any modern standard second stage regulators with easy installation and removal.

Easy Equalization

Equalizing is a breeze with The Spectrum FFM’s pinch-your-nose method. There are no assemblies or adjustments to make. Just pinch-your-nose and go!

Communications Compatibility

Use any of our easy to install wireless or hardwire communications with our Spectrum FFM to stay connected while you dive.

Comfortable Fit

The Spectrum FFM offers a soft silicone skirt with a double seal to ensure water does not enter the mask and your face stays dry.

Lightweight For Travel

Don’t take up precious luggage space. The compact size and lightweight design makes it an ideal travel partner.

Multiple Colors

With 2 different skirt options and 2 lens options, the Spectrum offers different colors to fit your style.

Why Choose The Spectrum Full Face Mask?

With the design challenge in mind to cover a wider “spectrum” of divers, we wanted to create a Full Face Mask (FFM) that put the price control in the hands of the user without sacrificing design, look, or function. The Spectrum Full Face Mask (FFM) serves as the most customizable FFM with the best price on the market allowing you to decide which features you’ll pay for.

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