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GFFM Accessory Rail Light System

GFFM Accessory Rail Light System. Includes Rail, Slide, and Inodive LED Light 

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GoPro® / Light Combination Mount for Accessory Rail System

Model#: 920038-000
Now you can mount a GoPro AND a Dive Light on the same Guardian Rail slide or Spectrum Accessory bracket!
warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


Model#: 920012-000
GFFM Accessory Rail Light System. Includes Rail, Slide, and Inodive LED Light

Dive With Your Hands FREE!

The accessory rail system easily attaches to the Guardian full-face mask and makes it possible to mount various lights, cameras, and other devices to the sides of the mask. 

The INODIVE Light is a compact LED dive light. The light output is considerably brighter then what you would expect from a light its size. The type of light that this light produces is particularly suited for turbid water/low visibility diving.

This light is rated at 10 to 300 Lumens, and will burn for approx. 1 hour (full power) on 3 AAA batteries. A double O-ring seal, and magnetic switch, help insure the watertight integrity of the light to 100 meters.

Other devices can be attached to the accessory rail by adding additional “Universal Slides” (purchased separately). Cameras, lights, and other devices are then changed by simply sliding them on or off the rail. This quick-disconnect feature allows surface support to quickly exchange or replace devices as the mission dictates without removing the mask from the diver, or the diver from the water. Each Accessory Rail can accept 2 slides. Additional slides can be purchased separately. One rail may be used, or two may be mounted (one on each side). The attachment method does not interfere with commonly used surface breathing valves.

Attaching the rail system to the Guardian mask makes it possible for a diver to have both hands free to accomplish difficult tasks underwater.

No tools are used to attach the rail system to the mask. Two thumb screws are simply tightened by hand to secure the rail system to the mask. No modifications are needed, and the rail is easily removed for mask maintenance.

Once devices are mounted to the removable “Slides” they can be slid onto any other dive mask, or dive hat, that has an Accessory Rail mounted.

The rail system is not mass produced—each one is made and assembled individually, and manufactured using quality materials.

**Because these items are not manufactured by OTS they are subject to change at anytime without notice and the attached photo may or may not be an exact representation of what is included**

Installation Instructions / FAQ

New LED Light Specs and Installation Instructions



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