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DRS-100B Diver Recall System

Model#: 900097-000
Diver Recall/Hydrophone (DRS-100B). Complete system including the LL-98 speaker (transducer), hand held mic, batteries and charger.
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Model#: 900097-000
Diver Recall/Hydrophone (DRS-100B). Complete system including the LL-98 speaker (transducer), hand held mic, batteries and charger.

The DRS-100B Diver Recall/Hydrophone systems is U.S. Navy Approved and used by Naval Special Warfare units, salvage divers, and recreational dive boats around the world. It is designed to alert all divers within range with either voice, a solid tone, or an intermittent tone. You can also feed sound into the water (e.g., music, pre-recorded announcements) via a line-in connection located on the front panel. The DRS-100B also has a listen mode allowing the user to listen to marine and/or man-made noise. A record-out receptacle allows the user to connect the unit to a recorder.

The system is portable and comes standard with a high-quality hand-held microphone, transducer with 25′ of cable, rechargeable batteries, battery charger, and main electronic unit. The DRS-100B is a must for all diving operations!


DRS-100B Specifications
Input Voltage 24 VDC
Input Current 7 amps maximum
Idle Current 75 mA
Audio Power (PEP) Recall & tone: 132 watts (in high power mode)
Voice: Adjustable up to 132 watts
Frequency Reponse 500-4,000 Hz
Recall oscillation rate 5 Hz
Beam Pattern Omnidirectional
Transducer cable 25 fsw
Transducer Anodized aluminum; 9″ diameter, 6″ axial length
Fuse Type 6 amps, slow-blow (use slow-blow fuse only)
Low-battery LED Flashes at approximately 20 volts
Battery Type (2) 12-volt, 2.6 Ah maintenance free rechargeable cells in series
Battery Life 5 hours at 20% duty cycle (Recall/Tone mode)
3 hours nominal when using auxiliary input (medium volume)
Microphone type Push-to-talk, front panel (optional hand-held with PTT available)
Size (D x W x H ) 10.0″ x 14.0″ x 4.7″ (w/o cover) 6.5″ (with cover)
15 lbs


Diver Recall Comparison Chart
PDR-100 Portable Diver Recall DRS-100B Diver Recall System

Tone / Siren Recall

Yes / Yes

Yes / Yes

Output Power

15 Watts

Recall & Tone : 132 Watts

Voice : Adjustable up to 132 Watts



Voice : 100m

Tone : 300m


PVC housing with Epoxy Coated Piezo Elements

Anodized Aluminium

Transmit Control

Tone / Siren : Toggle Switch

Tone / Recall : Toggle Switch

Voice : Push-To-Talk Handheld Microphone

Battery Type

(Batteries Not Included)

RB-14, NiMH 12, 2Ah

2 12V, 6Ah Rechargeable Batteries

Rec Out / Auxiliary Speaker

No / No

Yes / No

Battery Life

~5 Hours (20% Duty)

~36 Hours Standby

~5 Hours (20% Duty)

~3 Hours Aux Input (Continuous)

Low Battery Indicator

Multicolor LED

Red Flashing LED

External Power Source


24 VDC; 7 Amps Maximum; 75mA (Idle)

Speaker / Transducer Depth Rating

30 FSW

25 FSW


Injection-Molded, High-Impact, Glass-Filled ABS Plastic

Ultra-High Impact ABS

Dimensions (H x W x D)

/ Weight

Height: 7.0”, Width: 4.50”, Depth: 2.25”

Weight: 7.5 lbs

Height: 6.5”, Width: 14.0”, Depth: 10.0”

Weight: 15 lbs


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