Jerry Peck

Jerry Peck

Founder / Technical Director / Chairman

Jerry Peck has over 35 years of experience in the field of electronics, specializing in underwater acoustics. In 1968, Jerry began his quest to solve the problems of diver communication. In this area, the highest intelligibility achieved by any system scientifically tested was 53%. The U.S. Navy PQC-1 through-water communicator scored only .9% intelligibility during official testing. In contrast, Jerry’s current designs achieve 100% intelligibility using the same U.S. Navy modified rhyme word test. This is a benchmark no other designer has reached to date!

Jerry served as Executive Vice President and Chief Engineer of Sound Wave System, Inc. (an underwater communications company in the 70′s). During his tenure at Sound Wave, he improved their existing Wet Phone through-water diver communicator. The original Wet Phone was submitted to the U.S. Navy for approval, but failed in the testing.

Jerry then redesigned the circuitry and the Wet Phone was retested and approved for U.S. Navy use. Upon leaving Sound Wave Systems, Jerry co-founded Efcom, Inc. (also an underwater communication company). Jerry served as Chief Engineer responsible for product development and designed the Efcom SC-100 through-water communication system—which quickly became U.S. Navy approved and used throughout the fleet.

In 1984 Jerry Peck, along with Michael Pelissier, founded Ocean Technology Systems (OTS), producing the finest underwater communication systems in the world.

Presently Jerry continues to lead and coach his engineering department in underwater communications. His long standing expertise in the field serves as a historical advisement on how to continue to develop and produce the finest underwater communications on the market.

In Jerry’s free time he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and flying his helicopter. A notable achievement for Jerry is his involvement in a 4-man world record he earned in 2011. The helicopter pilot team flew from Brown Field, San Diego, California to Hilton Head, Georgia and back in 58 hours and 23 minutes. The previous record was 59 hours and 58 minutes.