OTS offers customizable systems for Aquariums including hardwire underwater communications and full face masks. Aquariums worldwide use OTS underwater communications for behind the scenes maintenance as well as exhibit enhancing and educational programs such as Diver Interactive installations.

Aquarium Builder

Our Aquarium Builder is designed for a user to build out a complete system (or part of a complete system) to receive a quote or to purchase. This builder includes commonly used products relative to our Aquarium customers.

1. Choose your full face mask

2. Choose your communications

3. Add a surface station

4. Add a rail system/mounting bracket

5. Additional mask accessories

Interactive Diver Programs for Aquariums

The installation of an interactive Dive Program greatly enhances the customer experience at an aquarium. The cool factor of seeing a diver in an exhibit while being provided the ability to talk to that diver, offers an element of engagement that would otherwise not be possible. Furthermore, sparking curiosity deeper surrounding critical educational topics surrounding conservation are afforded the most engaging way to inform their audience of critical information regarding conservation and other educational opportunities that have lasting impressions which greatly influence the way people think and care for our oceans.

Learning Center

What is a Full Face Mask?

Well, the simple answer is it is a diving mask that integrates a 2nd stage regulator into it and covers the diver’s entire face. Want to know more? Click the link below!

Which Full Face Mask is right for me?

It really comes down to what features you are looking for in a Full Face Mask! The Guardian and Spectrum Full Face Masks both have great varying differences. Find out more on our comparison page!

Wireless Communications

What are wireless communications? How do they work? Are they right for me? Find out all about our industry leading technology and more on our wireless communications page!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a variety of different questions regarding all aspects of OTS equipment including Full Face Masks, Wireless and Hardwire gear? Check out our FAQ page to find the answers to commonly asked questions.

Georgia Aquarium Volunteer Dive Program x Hardwire Communications

OTS understands that quality and intelligible communications are integral to a successful diver program meant to captivate you audience and inform your attendees about the importance of understanding our underwater ecosystem. See how our hardwired communications that are commonly used in aquariums help the Georgia Aquarium accomplish their mission!

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