OTS offers a wide variety of professional communications for wireless and hardwired needs of Commercial divers and Commercial diving operations.

Commercial Builder

Our Commercial Builder is designed for a user to build out a complete system (or part of a complete system) to receive a quote or to purchase. This builder includes commonly used products relative to the Commercial market.

1. Choose your full face mask

2. Choose your communications

3. Add a surface station

4. Add a rail system/mounting bracket

5. Additional mask accessories

The right choice for Commercial divers

Ocean Technology Systems offers a complete line of Full-Face Masks (FFMs), through-water transceivers, hard wire communications units, and support items designed to meet the needs of the Commercial Diver.

When determining whether or not the diver should use hard wire or through-water communications, consider the following:

Hard wire communications is the highest quality, most intelligible form of communications. Signals are transmitted via 2 or 4 wires safely encased inside of a braided nylon rope.

While distances of through-water communications has exceeded 6km, it is highly dependent on sea conditions, underwater obstacles, and turbidity.

Full-Face Masks configured with Earphone/Microphone assemblies can be used with both hard wire and through-water communications units.

Learning Center

What is a Full Face Mask?

Well, the simple answer is it is a diving mask that integrates a 2nd stage regulator into it and covers the diver’s entire face. Want to know more? Click the link below!

Which Full Face Mask is right for me?

It really comes down to what features you are looking for in a Full Face Mask! The Guardian and Spectrum Full Face Masks both have great varying differences. Find out more on our comparison page!

Wireless Communications

What are wireless communications? How do they work? Are they right for me? Find out all about our industry leading technology and more on our wireless communications page!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a variety of different questions regarding all aspects of OTS equipment including Full Face Masks, Wireless and Hardwire gear? Check out our FAQ page to find the answers to commonly asked questions.

Hardwire Communications in Shark Documentary

Over the three days of intense filming, things stayed smooth rolling. When you’re way out there in the middle of nowhere, and you’ve got a crew out there with the clock ticking, it’s important that your gear is working correctly. And it did. We got ahead of schedule, finishing everything we needed to do and more. I’m glad I made the choice with OTS because according to the captain, people don’t have good experiences with the alternatives.

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