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CDK-6 Surface Conversion Kit

Model#: 900015-007

Surface Conversion Kit. Converts a PowerCom 3000D, PowerCom 5000D, MilCom 6000D, SSB-2010, 2001B-2, or 1001B into a portable surface station.

Does not include PowerCom 3000D, PowerCom 5000D, MilCom 6000D, SSB-2010, 2001B-2 or 1001B.

Recommended Add-Ons

RB-11 NiMH Battery Pack (12V)

Model#: 900284-000
NiMH rechargeable battery pack (12 volts)
Compatible with : SSB-2010, 2001B-2, 1001B, ComBox & (old style) MK-7

RCS-15US Battery Charger for SSB-2010 (RB-11 Battery Pack)

Model#: 910376-000
Battery charger for RB-11 battery pack (230V, 50/60 Hz); replaces RC-15.
Charges through the SSB-2010 AMP connector - does not connect directly to RB-11 battery pack.

Spare Parts Kit for all SSB's (SPAR-3)

Model#: 900182-003
Spare Part Kit for all SSB Diver Units
Inclues : (3) small o-rings, (3) large o-rings, (1) battery snap, (1) SP-8 battery holder

TA-5 Transducer assembly

Model#: 912015-000
Transducer assembly, transducer w/female AMP con. (33 kHz)(set up for 2010)

TC-35S Transducer cable

Model#: 910017-000
Transducer cable, 55' w/AMP con. Transducer extension cable.
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warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


The CDK-6 Surface Accessory Kit is designed to convert a PowerCom 3000D, PowerCom 5000D, MilCom 6000D, SSB-2010, SSB-2001B-2, or SSB-1001B into a portable surface station. After a quick and easy installation, you can talk to other divers and/or surface stations within range and on the same channel.

The Kit consists of a deluxe headset with boom microphone (THB-13) with a built in Push-to-talk (PTT) control, and a 55′ transducer cable (TC-35S) including connectors. Once installation has been completed, you may control the dive unit via the PTT control and may modify your settings for VOX/PTT mode, squelch, earphone volume, and channel.

The CDK-6 is perfect for fast response and when space is an issue. Many Team Leaders utilize the CDK-6 in small craft.


Specification Comparison of Through-water Surface Units
2010 & CDK-6
Nominal Range
1 & 4
Output Power (watts)
External Power Source
12 VDC @ min. 1 amp
12 VDC @ min. 5 amps


Hand held, PTT, dynamic, 500 ohm impedance
Hand held; dynamic, 200 ohm / heave duty front panel speaker with on/off control
THB-13 Deluxe Headset with boom Mic and PTT.
Battery Type
8 AA alklaline; or 16 AA alkaline
(2) 6-volt lattern battery (heavy duty w/springs)
8-AA alkaline or RB-11 NiMH battery pack
Battery Life (10% duty cycle)
8 cell: 10 hrs;
16 cell: 20 hrs
20 hrs
Alkaline: 7 hrs
NiMH: 12 hrs
Dimensions (W x H x D)
9″ x 7.85″ x 3.70″
2.5 lbs
14″x 6½” x 10.60″
12 lbs
8 oz



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